This web page is an attempt to connect some [personal] dots regarding events in Dallas during October, November, and December 1963.

I have nothing to "prove" or to argue for - or against - regarding the assassination.

I trust that dozens investigations - 

judicial (e.g. The Warren Commission Report)

speculative (e.g., scores of books)

and forensic-scientific (e.g. PBS NOVA's "Cold Case")

have done their fact-finding with diligence and honesty.

 * * * *  UPDATE NOTE  * * * *  

After I'd originally posted this web page (November 2013), 

a friend recommended that I read "The Texas Connection" 

by Craig Zirbel - published in 1991

Zirbel's book offers convincing arguments and a plethora of well-documented evidence that 

Johnson planned, carried out, and covered up the assassination. 

*  *  *  *  *  

However, 50 years later, I still have some simmering emotional issues.

Some of my "issues" have been aroused by recent investigations of original documents -

instantly available to everyone through GOOGLE searches.  I will provide several of those links on this page.

John F. Kennedy, Jackie, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Ladybird

all walked roughly ten feet in front of where I was standing at Love Field's Gate 28

less than half an hour before the President was murdered.

(WFAA-TV news video of the Love Field arrival)

[click photo to enlarge]

In November 1963 I was a senior at Southern Methodist University

and had skipped an 11 a.m. philosophy class to welcome the President to Dallas.

I recall hearing a female student - seated behind me in a 9 a.m. Greek History class - say,

"I hope Kennedy gets shot today."

Astonished, I turned around and asked her if she realized she was talking about our President.

"Yes, I do.  Someone has to kill him, and it might as well be here."

(That's when I decided to skip the philosophy class and drive just a few miles west of campus to Love Field.)

 Later that afternoon, sitting at a booth in the Humphreys Student Union with that same philosophy instructor, 

I listened to him explain how the day's events had been "a textbook classical tragedy,"

and I told him how glad I was that I'd skipped his class.

*  *  *  *  *

I now see that my "issues" had probably begun at least a month earlier:  October 24th,

when I'd taken June Hunt ( a music-major friend at SMU and daughter of H. L. Hunt

to the United Nations Day speech given by Adlai Stevenson,

ambassador to the U.N. for the Kennedy administration.

The very next day, Lee Harvey Oswald attended a meeting of the A.C.L.U.

(the Dallas chapter of the American Civil Liberties union) at Selecman Hall, in the Perkins School of Theology complex at S.M.U.

[click photo to enlarge]

Also attending that [small] meeting were the president of the ACLU chapter, GREGORY OLDS, 

and my friend and mentor, BYRD HELLIGAS - whom OLDS mentions in his testimony to the Warren Commission:

[ Image of GREGORY OLDS' full testimony ]

[ Close-up of OLDS' testimony ]

Now it gets personal.  Although I did not attend the ACLU meeting, I did sit in BYRD HELLIGAS' church office 

[ Dallas' First Unitarian Church ]

sometime during the month between the ACLU meeting and the assassination.

Byrd wanted to talk me into applying to the Starr King School for the [Unitarian] Ministry in Berkeley.

I distinctly remember sitting in Byrd's "Wizard Chair," an over-stuffed dark-green leather-upholstered sofa chair

to the left of which an enormous (but fake) bumble bee dangled on a rubber band.

That face-to-face session with Byrd seems, now, like a continental divide in my life.

Within a week of the assassination, Byrd seemed preoccupied.  He said mysterious things, like,

"I can't imagine what Lee was thinking. . . I just can't imagine what he was even thinking!"

Then, everything about the assassination shut down between us - between Byrd and me.

It seems that MARK LANE (and others) had somehow connected with Byrd 

prior to OLDS' testimony before the Warren Commission (December 19, 1963.)

A Washington Post interview with Byrd on December 1st - only 9 days after the horrific event -

revealed a very different account of "Lee's" presentation at the ACLU meeting.

[ Mark Lane's website ]

[ Testimony of MARK LANE before the Warren Commission ]

*  *  *  *  *  

Fast-forward one year:

I am a student at the Starr King School in Berkeley.

Byrd comes to visit the school - and, incidentally, me.

By this time I'd heard rumors at Starr King about Byrd's involvement with "Lee," so I ask him about their "relationship."

Byrd tells me that Lee "counseled" with him in his church office soon after the ACLU meeting, as did I.

Knowing Byrd's engaging personality and avid curiosity about individuals, this was readily believable:

after meeting "Lee" at the projector, he might have invited him to the UU Church.

[ Unitarian Universalist Newsletter - Winter 2009 ]

It might help you to appreciate Byrd's ethical world-view to see some of the photographs he took at Dachau.

[ Byrd's Obituary ]

But, then, why didn't GREGORY OLDS even hint at such a relationship in his Warren Commission testimony?

I can only speculate - across these five decades - but it seems to me, now,

that both Byrd and Gregory Olds were trying to protect us.

By "us," I mean both the individual members of Dallas' [tiny] Civil Liberties Union

as well as those, like myself, involved with the Unitarian Church.

By "protect us," I mean to guard us against the wrath of Dallas' right-wing "indignation":

[ A recent Dallas Morning News article about conditions in Dallas at the time of the assassination ]


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